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Secure Data Backup, Recovery and Deletionservices for business and residential customers

Computer Data Backup, Recovery and Deletion Services IT Support

Computer Data Backup, Recovery and Deletion Services

Qualified engineer will attend your premises and rectify whatever computer issues you may have in a timely and flexible fashion.

Failed data recovery in high barnet

Recovery failure

Imagine a hypothetical scenario in which ransomware has locked up your servers, effectively freezing your operations. The good news is that you have a backup. By rolling back to a recovery point before the attack occurred, you can get your data back and kiss the ransomware goodbye. The bad news is: it doesn’t work. When you actually try to restore the data, you can’t. You run into a host of errors that ultimately mean the backup can’t be restored because of this dreaded problem.

Computer data corrupted in high barnet

Data corruption

Data corruption during backup recovery is extremely common in traditional systems. In best-case scenarios, the bulk of data on the backup can still be recovered, though you probably lose the corrupted parts. In worst-case scenarios, the entire backup is unable to be restored, rendering it useless. Data corruption leads to failure during the restore process, making recovery much more challenging and time-consuming.

computer data broken backup chain in high barnet

Broken backup chains

In traditional incremental backup chains, all those pieces are dependent on each other, like a stack of dominos. If something happens to any one piece, the whole thing can fall apart. If data is corrupted anywhere in the chain, it can prevent the backup from being restored.

slow computer data recovery in high barnet

Slow recovery

a slow recovery is better than having zero backups at all. But in today’s fast-paced business environment, it may not make much of a difference. Data from FEMA shows that businesses who are unable to restore critical operations within 5 days after a disaster are extremely likely to shutter permanently in the following year. When data is lost, restoring it from a backup should take minutes, not hours or days. If your backup system is not capable of that recovery speed, then it could be due to another key problem with older systems

Limitied recovery options on computer in high barnet

Limited recovery options

One common reason for a slow restore is the limitation in how data can be recovered from the backup. IT managers know that each data-loss event is unique, requiring its own specific protocol for retrieval and restoration. Consider, for example, the loss of a single folder that a user has accidentally deleted. With most BC/DR solutions today, a simple file-level recovery can restore that data back to its original location in seconds, without affecting any other data. That’s a far cry from more widespread data-loss events like ransomware, which can take out entire servers. If your system doesn’t offer a wide range of recovery options to accommodate every possible scenario, then the impact could be far more devastating.

Computer has corrupted backup in high barnet

corrupted backup

Backups can be corrupt for several reasons. Old media can get damaged or corrupted through poor handling or simply through age. Readable backups may not have application-consistent data, so even though you restore files, applications may not come up successfully.

Computer has inaccessible backup in high barnet

inaccessible backup

If you have only one copy of your backup, and you can’t access it during a disaster, you can’t use it to restore your data.

Incomplete backup on computer or mac in high barnet

incomplete backup

Not all incomplete backups are because the job failed to run to completion. Backup procedures may miss files, either because someone thought they weren’t needed or because they never got added to the script.

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