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Alex is fixing computer in North London. IT Support

Business IT Support // North London

Need Business IT Support? Logica Nova Ltd can fix: Forgotten Password | Accidentally Deleted Important Files | Slow Performance | Not enough space on the hard disk | Too many startup programs | Malware & Viruses on PC | Overheating PC | Keep PC clean | Printer Problems | Slow Internet Connection | USB Problems

Computer support for residentials in high barnet

Residential Computer Support // North London

Need Residential Computer Support? Logica Nova Ltd can go to your place and fix it. Computer Repairs | Laptop Repairs | Poor WiFi signal and speed | Printing and Scanning not working | Email account configuration & Troubleshooting | Microsoft Windows Installations, Upgrades and Troubleshooting | Microsoft Office Installations, Upgrades and Troubleshooting | General Computer Diagnostics and MOT | Transferring personal data and photos from old PC | Computer Data Backup | Disposing and Recycling of old computer and equipment | Computer Training & Documentation

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud // North London

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Needs? Logica Nova Ltd got your back. Microsoft 365 Enterprise Emails | Shared Office 365 Calendars | Shared Office 365 Mailboxes | Shared Office 365 Contacts & Tasks | Sharepoint and OneDrive Cloud Storage | Company-wide Email Disclaimers and Signatures | Azure cloud-based Active Directory | Email migrations from POP3 and IMAP accounts | Data Migrations from on-site servers and NAS devices | Microsoft 365 Subscription and License Management

Computer Repairs & Support // North London

Problems on your computer? Logica Nova Ltd can fix: Computer Not Turning On | Computer Not Starting Up | Computer Running Slowly or Freezing | Virus, Malware, and Spyware Removal | Computer Making Noises | Overheating | Computer Running Out of Space | Accidental Damage Repirs | Liquid Spillage Repairs | Monitor Is Not Switching On | Windows Needs and Installation and Upgrade | Internet Security | Software Installation | Solid State Drive (SDD) Installation and Update Memory (RAM) Upgrade | Data Backup, Transfer, and Recovery | Wifi and Internet Connection Problems | Faulty Hard Drive (HDD) Recovery | Faulty Power Supply Unit (PSU) Replacement | Faulty Motherboard Repairs | Graphic Cards (GPU) Upgrades and Repairs | Faulty Computer Peripherals | Faulty Optical Drive (CD/DVD) | Computer Disposal and Secure Data Deletion | New Computer Installation and Configuration | General Computer Maintenance and Diagnostic | Computer Applications Won't Install | Computer Sound is Not Working | Mouse or Keyboard is Not Connecting to Computer | Dysfunction Computer USB Port | Computer Is Beeping | Computer Fans are not Working | Computer has Blue Screen of Death | Computer Keyboard Issues | Computer Screen Display is Truncated or has Low Resolution

Laptop Repairs & Upgrades // North London

You need to repair and upgrade your laptops? Logice Nova Ltd is here to help you. Laptop won't start | Laptop screen is blank | Laptop battery is dead and not charging | Laptop is very slow or freezing | Windows is not loading on the laptop | Laptop Fan is making noises | Laptop is overheating | Laptop needs memory upgrade | Laptop needs Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade | Laptop was accidentally damaged | Liquid was spilled over my laptop | Keyboard won't work on my Laptop | Touchpad stopped working on my Laptop | laptop won't connect to WiFi router | laptop has viruses, malware, ransomware | laptop has crashed and not booting up | Upgrade Windows on my laptop | Install or upgrade Microsoft Office suite

Mac Repairs & Services // North London

Need to repair your Mac devices? Logica Nova Ltd covers all of these services: Mac won't switch on | Mac stuck on Apple logo loading screen | Mac Recovery, Internet Recovery & Repair | Mac Solid State Drive (SSD) upgrades | Data Transfer & Backup | Apple iCloud configuration across all devices | Mac Screen Repair | Upgrading Mac OS to the latest version | General Mac Support & Diagnostics

Wireless (WIFI) Networking // North London

Logica Nova Ltd also offers Wireless Netowrking Services: Slow or no internet access in certain rooms | One device can’t connect to the Wi-Fi | Nothing can connect to Wi-Fi | Connections drop at random times | The network connects, but there’s no internet access | Router crashes regularly and only restarting it helps | Forgot the Wi-Fi password | Unknown devices on my Wi-Fi network | A recent update broke Wi-Fi | The satellite routers on my mesh network aren’t connecting | My smart device isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi | Can’t connect to wireless printer | My game console can’t connect to Wi-Fi

Data Recovery & Backup // North London

Your computer need data recovery and backup? We got your back. Recovery failure | Data corruption | Broken backup chains | Slow recovery | Limited recovery options | corrupted backup | inaccessible backup | incomplete backup

Ethernet (CAT6/CAT&) Cabling // North London

Does your business/office needs network cabling? We offer: Business Structured CAT Cabling | Networking Wallplates and network points | Data cabinets and patch panels installation | Cable termination and Testing | Broadband Installation and Configuration

Office Moves & IT Infrastructure Relocation // North London

You need an IT Movers? We are here to help you. Office IT relocation | Setting up new business networks | Business Structured Network Cabling (CAT) | Data Cabinets and Patch Panels | Networking switches and connectivity | Wireless (WiFi) Office Installations | Computer Dismantling and Packing | Photocopier disassembly & Transportation

Website Design & Support // North London

We also offer website design and support. Professionally designed websites with Wordpress | Websites made with | Websites made with Square Space | HTML, CSS, JS, PHP websites updates | Social Media Profiles created | My website has been hacked | My website database (MySQL) was injected with spam | FTP access and Website Access | Migrating to another provider (IONOS, GoDaddy, 123-Reg) | Domain Registration and Holding | Professional website Email and Hosting

Supporting Microsoft Windows, Office365 and Cloud Computing Installing and Troubleshooting Dell Computers, Laptops, Servers and Networking devices Maintaining and fixing Acer Computers, Laptops, Servers and Networking devices Installing and configuring Cisco networking switches, routers and Security appliances Securing your Business and Home networks with Norton Internet Security, Antivirus, Firewall and Ransomware protection Supplying and installing Logitech peripherls such as Keyboards and Mice Working and promotiong your business in Google and SEO