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Business IT Support services

Alex is fixing computer in North London. IT Support

On-Site IT Support

Qualified engineer will attend your premises and rectify whatever computer issues you may have in a timely and flexible fashion.

Password on pc was forgotten in high barnet

Forgotten Passwords

Forgotten passwords seem like an inevitability in the work-place and it’s one of the top issues in IT support and troubleshooting. Coming back from holiday only to find that you’ve forgotten the key digits that’ll grant you access to your files is highly disruptive. To avoid this situation entirely, it would be a good idea to follow a strategy that would decrease the chances of you forgetting the password in the first place. A useful technique is the sentence method, also known as the Bruce Schneier Method. It’s an amazingly simple concept that’s easy to remember.

I deleted important files accidentally in high barnet

Accidentally Deleted Important Files

Accidentally deleting important files is arguably one of the most common IT problems but it’s also one of the most avoidable. If it does happen, however, the first piece of advice would be to check your recycle bin. Although deleted files can be retrieved from synced files on the cloud, files can still be lost.

Computer is running slow in high barnet

Slow Performance

Slow computers are painful. Trying to complete work efficiently with a machine that’s crippled by errors, weak software and poor RAM is a challenge to our patience. However, if you can get to the root of the problem, you may be able to re-energise it back to an optimal speed.

Not enough space on the hard disk

The hard drive provides you with copious amounts of space to store data. However, no matter how big your hard drive is, it can still make your computer slow if too much clutter accumulates. Look to delete any files that you don’t need, especially videos and photos since they tend to take up the most memory.

Startup programs in computer are too many in high barnet

Too many startup programs

Startup programs are programs that automatically load once you switch on your computer. Although it can be a useful feature, having too many running at once is detrimental to computer speed. Simply removing the startup programs you don’t need may help the computer to run faster. If you are unsure of how to do this, contact your IT Support company who can guide you through the process.

Computer malware in high barnet


Malware consume a significant amount of computer memory, draining enough resources to limit its use for other legitimate programs. If you are experiencing slow performance for no obvious reason, there may be a possibility that your system has been infected with malware.

Computer is overheating in high barnet


When your computer generates more heat than it’s able to handle then it’ll overheat. This can be serious because your device may either shut down without warning or even suffer permanent damage.

Computer is dusty and it should be kept clean in high barnet

Keep it clean

Dust accumulation is a big culprit and it can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your computer. Having vast amounts of dust build-up near your fan will raise the temperature of your device, further increasing the chances of overheating. Make sure to give your device a regular clean to stop this from happening. Before attempting to clean your system, we would always suggest that you contact your IT Support team as the problem may lie elsewhere and dismantling parts of your system will only increase the risk of damage.

Printer problems in high barnet

Printer Problems

Printers can offer their own set of mysterious problems ranging from reducing computer speed to being unable to carry out their primary function – to print.

Printer refuses to print in high barnet

A refusal to print

There could be a myriad of possibilities as to why your printer isn’t printing. Always first check the connection. Ensure that the USB cable is connected properly at both ends and that the power cable is plugged into the wall. If you’re connected through either wifi or Bluetooth, ensure that the devices are paired correctly with one another. If you’re still having no luck, try plugging your machine via USB and see if this alternative works. From here you’ll be able to identify whether the problem lies within the wireless connection or the printer itself.

Internet connection is slow in high barnet

Slow Internet Connection

No internet, no work. That seems to be the rule in the digital age and so a slow internet connection can be remarkably frustrating. Now that we are seeing an increase in the number of people working from home and relying on their own internet, there are inevitably going to be problems with connection from time to time.

USB drive has a problem in high barnet

USB Problems

USB problems can be fiddly since they can arise either from the device itself, the port or the laptop. The first thing to do is check if the USB device is functioning on other devices. If so, this narrows it down to either the USB port or your laptop. The first time you use a USB device it may need to auto-install drivers to allow it to work efficiently, preventing you from being able to use it straight away. Similarly, you should check to see if there is an updated version of your USB driver. Quite often these updates fix a number of these errors relating to hardware, making it very likely that it will resolve problems that you’re having with your USB.

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