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Business IT Support // North London

Need Business IT Support? Logica Nova Ltd can fix: Forgotten Password | Accidentally Deleted Important Files | Slow Performance | Not enough space on the hard disk | Too many startup programs | Malware & Viruses on PC | Overheating PC | Keep PC clean | Printer Problems | Slow Internet Connection | USB Problems

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Residential Computer Support // North London

Need Residential Computer Support? Logica Nova Ltd can go to your place and fix it. Computer Repairs | Laptop Repairs | Poor WiFi signal and speed | Printing and Scanning not working | Email account configuration & Troubleshooting | Microsoft Windows Installations, Upgrades and Troubleshooting | Microsoft Office Installations, Upgrades and Troubleshooting | General Computer Diagnostics and MOT | Transferring personal data and photos from old PC | Computer Data Backup | Disposing and Recycling of old computer and equipment | Computer Training & Documentation

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud // North London

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Needs? Logica Nova Ltd got your back. Microsoft 365 Enterprise Emails | Shared Office 365 Calendars | Shared Office 365 Mailboxes | Shared Office 365 Contacts & Tasks | Sharepoint and OneDrive Cloud Storage | Company-wide Email Disclaimers and Signatures | Azure cloud-based Active Directory | Email migrations from POP3 and IMAP accounts | Data Migrations from on-site servers and NAS devices | Microsoft 365 Subscription and License Management

Computer Repairs & Support // North London

Problems on your computer? Logica Nova Ltd can fix: Computer Not Turning On | Computer Not Starting Up | Computer Running Slowly or Freezing | Virus, Malware, and Spyware Removal | Computer Making Noises | Overheating | Computer Running Out of Space | Accidental Damage Repirs | Liquid Spillage Repairs | Monitor Is Not Switching On | Windows Needs and Installation and Upgrade | Internet Security | Software Installation | Solid State Drive (SDD) Installation and Update Memory (RAM) Upgrade | Data Backup, Transfer, and Recovery | Wifi and Internet Connection Problems | Faulty Hard Drive (HDD) Recovery | Faulty Power Supply Unit (PSU) Replacement | Faulty Motherboard Repairs | Graphic Cards (GPU) Upgrades and Repairs | Faulty Computer Peripherals | Faulty Optical Drive (CD/DVD) | Computer Disposal and Secure Data Deletion | New Computer Installation and Configuration | General Computer Maintenance and Diagnostic | Computer Applications Won't Install | Computer Sound is Not Working | Mouse or Keyboard is Not Connecting to Computer | Dysfunction Computer USB Port | Computer Is Beeping | Computer Fans are not Working | Computer has Blue Screen of Death | Computer Keyboard Issues | Computer Screen Display is Truncated or has Low Resolution

Laptop Repairs & Upgrades // North London

You need to repair and upgrade your laptops? Logice Nova Ltd is here to help you. Laptop won't start | Laptop screen is blank | Laptop battery is dead and not charging | Laptop is very slow or freezing | Windows is not loading on the laptop | Laptop Fan is making noises | Laptop is overheating | Laptop needs memory upgrade | Laptop needs Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade | Laptop was accidentally damaged | Liquid was spilled over my laptop | Keyboard won't work on my Laptop | Touchpad stopped working on my Laptop | laptop won't connect to WiFi router | laptop has viruses, malware, ransomware | laptop has crashed and not booting up | Upgrade Windows on my laptop | Install or upgrade Microsoft Office suite

Mac Repairs & Services // North London

Need to repair your Mac devices? Logica Nova Ltd covers all of these services: Mac won't switch on | Mac stuck on Apple logo loading screen | Mac Recovery, Internet Recovery & Repair | Mac Solid State Drive (SSD) upgrades | Data Transfer & Backup | Apple iCloud configuration across all devices | Mac Screen Repair | Upgrading Mac OS to the latest version | General Mac Support & Diagnostics

Wireless (WIFI) Networking // North London

Logica Nova Ltd also offers Wireless Netowrking Services: Slow or no internet access in certain rooms | One device can’t connect to the Wi-Fi | Nothing can connect to Wi-Fi | Connections drop at random times | The network connects, but there’s no internet access | Router crashes regularly and only restarting it helps | Forgot the Wi-Fi password | Unknown devices on my Wi-Fi network | A recent update broke Wi-Fi | The satellite routers on my mesh network aren’t connecting | My smart device isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi | Can’t connect to wireless printer | My game console can’t connect to Wi-Fi

Data Recovery & Backup // North London

Your computer need data recovery and backup? We got your back. Recovery failure | Data corruption | Broken backup chains | Slow recovery | Limited recovery options | corrupted backup | inaccessible backup | incomplete backup

Ethernet (CAT6/CAT&) Cabling // North London

Does your business/office needs network cabling? We offer: Business Structured CAT Cabling | Networking Wallplates and network points | Data cabinets and patch panels installation | Cable termination and Testing | Broadband Installation and Configuration

Office Moves & IT Infrastructure Relocation // North London

You need an IT Movers? We are here to help you. Office IT relocation | Setting up new business networks | Business Structured Network Cabling (CAT) | Data Cabinets and Patch Panels | Networking switches and connectivity | Wireless (WiFi) Office Installations | Computer Dismantling and Packing | Photocopier disassembly & Transportation

Website Design & Support // North London

We also offer website design and support. Professionally designed websites with Wordpress | Websites made with | Websites made with Square Space | HTML, CSS, JS, PHP websites updates | Social Media Profiles created | My website has been hacked | My website database (MySQL) was injected with spam | FTP access and Website Access | Migrating to another provider (IONOS, GoDaddy, 123-Reg) | Domain Registration and Holding | Professional website Email and Hosting